Scarlet Pearl Re-opening: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: June 26, 2020

Casino Entry & Property-wide questions

Do I have to have my temperature taken before entering the casino?

  • Yes, all guests and employees are required to have their temperature taken

What if my temperature is only high because it is hot and humid outside?

  • You are welcome to cool off and come back in 15 minutes to try again.

Do I need to wear a mask?

  • Yes. Per the Mississippi Gaming Commission, all guests are required to wear a face mask or face shield except while eating or drinking. Masks should not obscure the entire face.

How will Scarlet Pearl maintain Social Distance guidelines?

  • We have taken several precautions including, but not limited to:
    • Increased signage reminding guests and employees about social distancing
    • Floor signage indicating places to stand
    • Following all slot and table games guidelines set forth by the Mississippi Gaming Commission
    • Moving our tables in all dining outlets to allow at least six feet (6’) of separation

What will the smoking policy be?

  • As before, smoking is allowed in our casino.

For more information, please see our section on what we’re doing to keep our Scarlet Pearl family safe and well.

Mail & E-mail Offers:

Are my previous coupons valid since they are expired?

  • No. Once an offer has expired, it is no longer valid.

I did not receive my usual buffet offer, what do I get?

  • At this time, we are re-evaluating our marketing program to account for our change in outlets.

For more marketing information, please see our Marketing Update

Pearl Rewards, Comp/Slot Point Balance & Tier Questions

Will I have my comps / slot points when I return?

  • You will have ample time to redeem any comps or slot points you have in your account. Until further notice we have stopped the expiration of comps and slot points.

Will any Pearl Reward Tier Benefits change?

Will the Scarlet Lounge still be open?

I was invited/RSVP’d for a promotion that was cancelled. Will I get my gift? Will there be a raincheck?

  • At this time, the Mississippi Gaming Control board has discontinued all events promotions. We will not be issuing rainchecks.

For more marketing information, please see our Marketing Update

Casino Floor


If a game I want to play is Out of Service, can it be turned on?

  • All games “Out of Service” are to allow us to meet Social Distancing requirements

Can I reserve a game if I need to eat or go to the rest room?

  • As we have a limited selection, we cannot allow reserving games at this time.

I have an expired slot ticket (the voucher created when you hit “Cash Out”) from before your closed, can I still redeem it?

  • Yes, we will extend the expiration period for any slot tickets that expired during our closure.

Is my future bet still good?

  • Future bets that were made before our closure will be honored unless there were league rule changes that fundamentally effect how a particular sport is played. For those cases, suspensions and cancellations, wagers will be refunded. Please see a sportsbook supervisor for more information.

If an event did not happen, can I get a refund?

  • Absolutely. Please see our sportsbook supervisor.

Food & Beverage

Why isn’t your buffet open?

  • We evaluated what experience we could provide safely.  We are temporarily suspending buffet operations until we can deliver an experience that is both safe and great.

For more information about hours, please visit our Dining Section.


How often are the rooms cleaned?

  • The rooms are sanitized and disinfected upon check-out.  Also, our housekeeping team will clean your room, provide towel, etc. upon request.

Will you have room service?

  • Yes, our Room Service will be available during the same hours as Under the Oak.

Is your pool open?

  • Yes, our pool will be open.

Is your fitness center open?

  • Yes, our fitness center will be open when the hotel opens.

Will Lava Links be open?

  • Yes, it will.